Welcome to my commissions page.
Here you'll find my (automaticspirit's) basic information for my commissions. If you require more information feel free to start a conversation_

Service information

  • In order to use me to the best of my ability and keep your vision of the final work, please provide as much information as you can.
  • I reserve the right to decline any requests.
  • Upon requests, final pieces can be made with transparent backgrounds.
  • There is a markup on commercial pieces. If you wish to use a previously commissioned work for print or distribution, you must discuss this with me.
  • The timeframe to completion (depending on correspondence and complexity) can range from one week to six.
  • If you wish to provide a deadline of work, I may ask for a rush fee.
  • Upon starting correspondence with me, once we agree on the idea of work I will send an invoice.
  • I ask for payment before any work has been started. On works over 60USD I offer sketch deposits.
  • After revised sketches and have been paid in full, I begin work on the final piece(s).
  • You may be shown work-in-progress snapshots and are free to revise. Depending on the complexity of revisions, you may be billed.
  • My invoices are done through Paypal or if you're located in New Zealand, you can ask for other ways.
  • Payments are calculated in USD.
  • All payments must be made up front. I do not ask for sketch deposits on pieces under 60USD.
  • You may not request refunds once I've started work.
Usage & Sharing
  • You may not resell commissioned pieces of work.
  • You cannot modify the image without permission. I do not permit the cropping of my logos or signatures (You may request the placement of these).
  • I reserve the right to share commissioned pieces of work on my own social media or for portfolio pieces.


Listed below are general pricing templates. They are not the full range of works I can provide, feel free to ask about what I can do for you. Pricing may be different depending complexity of work_
If you wish to see further examples — or even more recent examples of my art — consider my social profiles :

My templates/samples are currently being reworked, feel free to look through my social gallery and contact me using the form.

Commission Form

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Should you wish to start a correspondence with me by other means, try through these: