Upon exiting the cavern, you come face to face with a hideous creature standing on its 2 legs, that has 2 other limbs on the sides of its body - Several other tinier limbs protrude from them.
It appears covered in dried flesh and even more protected by articles of fabric which appears to keep it warm.

"I'm ALPHA-ZERO" it announces, the sound vibrating out of a wet exposed orifice on the large furry bulb that extends out from the top of its soggy torso.

"Or perhaps, also automatic-spirit."

"I'm a freelance illustrator and digital designer, and I like to draw things. I also dabble in front-end web design and write silly things."
You gag in disgust at the sight and the sounds emitting from the strange being.
How could something so small and innocent come out of a place called New Zealand?

One of its thin squishy limbs extends and it hands you a hard rectangular sheet of parchment. It reads:

http://alpha-zero.design alpha-zero@live.com